Tom Glenn High School

Leander, Texas

Bringing a College-Like Campus to One Leander High School

Tom Glenn High School is embracing technology, collaboration, and change in a way no other Leander high school has done before. American Constructors was proud to partner with Leander ISD to build a 90-acre college-like campus that includes classrooms that open to hallways, movable furniture, and academic “neighborhoods.”

Square Footage



Leander, Texas




Leander ISD


Pfluger Architects and Russ Bragg Landscape Architect

What We Built

Tom Glenn High School is situated on 90 acres in Leander, one of the fastest-growing areas in the state, and is the largest of the district’s six high schools at 436,000 square feet. The academic building houses administrative offices, classrooms, science labs, fine arts facilities, and various areas dedicated to specialty programs and college/career prep. The fine arts facilities include a performing arts center, dance room, choir room, dressing rooms, drama classroom, and concessions. The specialty areas include a culinary arts kitchen, agricultural labs, a construction trades lab, health science and food labs, journalism rooms, a sound room, computer science labs, and classrooms dedicated to robotics as well as CAD and electronics.

The second building houses all of the athletics facilities, including a competition gymnasium, practice gymnasium, weight room, wrestling room, and fitness room as well as multiple locker rooms, coaches’ offices, and conference rooms.

The outdoor athletics facilities include a competition football field, two practice football/soccer fields, a baseball field, and a softball field. There are also tennis courts, a grounds maintenance building, and two concession buildings.

How We Built It

Tilt-Up Construction – Tilt-up construction was used throughout the entire campus to achieve a durable and attractive wall system that is also energy efficient and cost effective. In total, 639 tilt-up panels were used to construct this project. The exterior of the two main buildings is composed of insulated tiltwall panels, which provide a high level of structural integrity and an increased resistance to mold, fire, and severe weather. The insulated panels also provide a high thermal resistance factor, which create energy-efficiency building envelopes. The exterior design is a combination of thin brick (in two colors), sand-blasted panels, and a board form liner finish.

Mechanical Equipment – The school includes an abundance of mechanical equipment within limited spaces. Specifically, the mechanical mezzanine was condensed to save square footage and space, presenting a challenge on installing all necessary MEP systems. To address this, the project team held numerous pre- planning and coordination meetings to eliminate as many conflicts as possible before the duct work was fabricated.

Fireproofing – This large, open-concept project required a lot of fireproofing, which required us to appropriately and logically section and partition off other parts of the building so they could remain under construction and the project could keep on schedule.

Polished Concrete – Because this school had an abundance of polished concrete floors, one of our challenges was keeping these floors from being damaged during construction. This required us to develop new, innovative approaches to address this issue. We implement various quality control methods as outlined in the Quality Control section of this submission.

Plastic Laminate Tables – The tables in the academic neighborhoods were designed and approved as plastic laminate. However, once they arrived, the owner was concerned about the durability. We field-modified the tables, adding a wood trim to the outer perimeter and legs that would protect the edges from damage.

Soil Conditions – During a thorough site due diligence stage, American Constructors discovered the soil condition of the site was excellent. The team worked with the design team to elevate the grade of the site, reducing the original scope to remove and replace the fill. The project moved more quickly and saved nearly $1 million dollars.

Project Awards

ABC Central Texas Excellence in Construction Eagle Award

For the outstanding work on this project, American Constructors received the ABC Central Texas Excellence in Construction (EIC) Eagle Award. The EIC strives to honor those who exemplify the highest quality of workmanship in their projects, while upholding a dedication to building projects on time and on budget.

ABC National Excellence in Construction Pyramid Award

For the outstanding work on this project, American Constructors received the ABC National Excellence in Construction (EIC) Pyramid Award. The EIC strives to honor those who exemplify the highest quality of workmanship in their projects, while upholding a dedication to building projects on time and on budget.

Tilt-Up Concrete Association Excellence in Achievement Award

The Tilt-Up Achievement Awards were established to honor projects that use site-cast tilt-up concrete to introduce new building types, advance industry technology and provide unique solutions to building programs. For more than 25 years, the winning entries have illustrated the variety, beauty, and flexibility of the tilt-up construction concept.


“The project team’s attention to quality was apparent during the course of the project and the finished product is evidence of high expectations of quality.”
Jimmy Jones,Interim Director of Construction, Pflugerville ISD

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