A construction partner on your side

With our decades of experience, we can become a valuable third-party project consultant to give you additional expertise and confidence that your project will be successful.

Project planning

From budgeting to scheduling, we get involved early to make project costs more predictable. We’ll also flag early warning signs and anticipate market factors before they become issues in latter stages to ensure that the project begins on time and stays on budget.

Bond planning support

We can help you create the most accurate budget possible prior to bond approval, starting with requesting proposals early from tradespeople and suppliers. Here, we’ll assess all of the project’s scopes of work, close the gaps in the schedule, and sequence the work for the most efficiency. Our firsthand experience in this area allows us to plan for adverse market conditions so we can accurately estimate the project with minimal information. We can also provide assistance with community engagement and communications to address concerns and ensure early support.

Site selection support

It’s all about the location as we become engaged in helping you determine the challenges and opportunities with your site before it’s purchased. We have decades of experience with the topography as well as the written and unwritten jurisdictional requirements of developed and undeveloped land in the Central Texas area.

We ask the smart questions: What kind of traffic flow does the area provide and what are the signage display regulations? What about environmental, storm water, and utility service issues? Chances are we’ve encountered these site selection issues and can help you navigate through them.

Permitting/regulatory support

Having a presence in the Austin area since 1982 gives us a deep understanding of both the permitting and regulatory environments in Central Texas—not to mention our personal relationships in the community. From attending early permitting meetings and providing a comprehensive outline of all scopes of work to counsel on permit enforcement, American Constructors works with the subcontractors and government departments to make sure regulatory compliance is done right on every job.