Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary Anderson House Residence Hall

The Anderson House Residence Hall was the first phase of a master plan that supports the development of future housing along the northern portion of the 12-acre Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary (APTS) campus, which is near 27th Street and Guadalupe Boulevard just north of the University of Texas. The new 42,000-square-foot housing complex includes 24 units – one, two, three, and four bedroom units – all of which include a designated built-in study area. The building exterior incorporates design characteristics inherent in the existing campus buildings to maintain a sense of unity. Highlighting the location near Waller Creek, the site design incorporates green spaces lush with trees and native landscaping. The new building takes advantage of the greenscape views and is embellished with walkways, sitting areas, playgrounds, and other amenities to encourage congregation of residents.

A gated parking garage was included under the building to ensure safety for the residents. During pre-construction coordination with the owner, parking was determined to be a big issue. We adjusted the sequence of work to complete parking lots early and offer additional temporary parking at an area originally allotted for construction staging. The pedestal garage also provides easy access to plumbing and mechanical components of the building.

Owner Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary (APTS)
Architect O'Connell Robertson
Engineers Cunningham-Allen, Inc.
Type Higher Education Projects
Square Footage 38,500 square feet
Location Austin, Texas