Prepare To Succeed

Our comprehensive pre-construction services lay the groundwork for building successful projects that meet budgets and are completed on schedule.

Pre-construction Services

Every American Constructors project is designed to succeed—beginning with an extensive pre-construction process. During initial meetings, we discuss the job’s specific requirements and engage all site staff to ensure smoother sequencing during construction. Our attention to detail beginning with an extensive preparation process delivers better results for the client throughout and after the project.

Synchronized from the beginning

The pre-construction process is vital to the successful completion of every American Constructors project, as it sets the course from the very beginning and gets all members of the team pulling in the same direction.

Relationships matter

Our philosophy is based on solid relationships in order to maximize value from our partners and minimize overall costs. We become a seamless part of your team while developing strong relationships with designers and subcontractors to create a collaborative environment that allows information to flow more freely within the team. We are more than a contractor; we are a technical builder with capabilities that set us apart from our competition.

Value-managed design

We practice value-managed design, the key element of which is staffing the project during pre-construction and construction with the right combination of highly-competent technical personnel.

Project budgeting

We’ve completed more than 99% of our projects on budget because of our detailed estimating and thorough due diligence and pre-construction processes as well as our strong communication skills and efficient planning capabilities. With assistance at the design stage from our senior-level team, we’ll utilize detailed takeoffs and gain an in-depth understanding of the project scope so our estimates are solid and the construction options match your budget. Then, during construction, we deploy diligent cost-tracking procedures to provide real-time feedback so you can make smarter decisions.