Working together, we develop a strategic plan before the project starts and build a foundation for success.

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Effective Planning & Teamwork to ensure smooth project delivery

Having a highly collaborative pre-construction process from the start makes a significant difference in the outcome.

During pre-construction, the entire project team comes together to listen to your needs and concerns. During this stage, we provide cost-effective solutions and options (structural, mechanical, etc.) that fit your needs. At this time, we also identify and resolve any design and construction issues that could potentially compromise the project schedule and budget.

We work together to review and finalize key milestones, construction documents, scheduling, and bidding services. This collaboration provides clarity where needed; develops optimal phasing and sequencing to complete the project safely and efficiently; and secures the best team of subcontractors that meet the schedule and project requirements.

With this kind of integration, level of planning, and “meeting of the minds,” you experience synchronicity among the team and get a strategic roadmap for the build. As a result, you are poised for success and have the assurance that your project is in good hands.

Pre-Construction Services

Deliverables include:

  • Owner budget review
  • Building type and systems analysis
  • Plan/Specifications review
  • Project planning
  • Subcontractor proposal reviews
  • GMP
  • Operations handoff
  • Facilities assessment

What to Expect

Exceptional Service

During initial meetings, we discuss the job’s specific goals and objectives, and engage the entire project team to ensure alignment and a cohesive path forward.

Based on value-managed design, resources are selected, which ensures the right combination of technical personnel are available during pre-construction and construction.

Team Collaboration

Maximizing value for our partners and minimizing overall costs is our philosophy.

We develop a true collaborative environment and facilitate team integration. This means we work to become a seamless part of your team and continue to build strong relationships with designers and subcontractors along the way.

Cost Efficiency

With our senior-level team's assistance during the design stage, we utilize detailed takeoffs and gain an in-depth understanding of the project scope. This helps solidify our estimates and ensures construction options match your budget.

When we get to the construction phase, we deploy diligent cost-tracking procedures and provide real-time feedback, so you can make informed decisions.

Photo of Darrell Pearson


“One critical aspect of the Construction Manager at Risk delivery is the ability to properly conduct the preconstruction phase of the project. I have had absolutely the best preconstruction experience of my entire career due to the full engagement and the timely response that I received from the team at American Constructors.”
Darrell Pearson,Partner at PBK Architects

Have Your Project Set Up the Right Way

If you’re looking for a construction partner that provides detailed planning and transparent discussions upfront and along the way, involve us in your next project.

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