Project Planning

Whether you need an extra hand or honest advice, American Constructors is at your service. As your adviser, we provide additional expertise and guidance, helping you feel more at ease about your project’s status and direction.

A Construction Team on Your Side

From budgeting and scheduling to site selection and building materials procurement, we’re available to guide you through the planning process. Involving our team helps anticipate issues before they become problems, makes project costs more predictable, and ensures that your project is set up for success.

Project Support Areas

  • Site Logistics
  • Budgeting
  • Site selection
  • Scheduling
  • Building materials selection
  • Bond planning
  • Permitting/regulatory compliance
  • Facility/Infrastructure Assessment

What to Expect

Bond Planning

Create the most accurate budget possible prior to bond approval, starting with requesting proposals early from subcontractors and suppliers.

American Constructors assesses all of the project’s scope of work, closes the gaps in the schedule, and sequences the work for the most efficiency. We also help with community engagement and communications to address concerns and foster early support.

Site Selection

Determine the costs, challenges, and opportunities with your site before it’s purchased.

Our decades of site selection experience benefit you! We know the topography as well as the written and unwritten jurisdictional requirements of developed and undeveloped land in the Central Texas area.

Permitting/Regulatory compliance

Ensure regulatory compliance is maintained on every job.

Count on us to have a deep understanding of both the permitting and regulatory environments in Central Texas—not to mention our personal relationships in the community. We work with all subcontractors and government entities to ensure regulatory standards are being met.


“We find that we achieve our best results for our clients when we have a true partnership and collaboration with our builder. Indeed, this was the case with American Constructors in that we had constant, clear and frank communications, as well as a very collaborative atmosphere where all parties were truly working together towards a common goal.”
Michael Antenora,Founding Principal of Antenora Architects

Work With a Construction Partner That Is Always There for You

When you need straightforward advice or a sounding board to bounce ideas, we’re here for you.

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