Austin Baptist Church Education Expansion

Austin Baptist Church came to American Constructors with a mission of expanding their services. Our goal with this project was to help them serve their members by getting the most possible use of existing resources with the least possible disruption while constructing the desired expansion.

American Constructors provided input to the design team that simplified the construction of the connection between the new and existing buildings. Our input saved the client $75,000, reduced the schedule, and nearly eliminated disruption of church activity. The expediting of the construction schedule also supported required efforts to reduce potential impact on the local golden-cheeked warbler habitat.

The two-level addition included 16,500 square feet of new classrooms supporting the Children’s Ministry (K-5) and Adult Bible Fellowships. This project also included the addition of 12,600 square feet of community space that houses a community space to engage members and foster the relationships that Austin Baptist Church exists to create.

“I have dealt with many general contracting firms over my 20+ years of development and redevelopment of office buildings and hotels. Without hesitation, I can state that American Constructors is the most professional and capable firm I have ever had the privilege to work with.”

Tom Stacy, Founding Partner, CapRidge Partners, LLC

Owner Austin Baptist Church
Architect Jackson Galloway Associates, LLC
Engineers Stantec
Square Footage 47,000 square feet
Location Austin, Texas