Mensor Office & Manufacturing Facility

San Marcos, Texas

A Thriving & Growing Manufacturing Enterprise in Central Texas

Mensor is a leading designer and manufacturer of pressure and temperature calibration devices. They looked to American Constructors to build their headquarters in San Marcos, Texas. Built using insulated tiltwall construction, the 3.5-acre manufacturing facility and office building is frequently touted by the local economic development authority.

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San Marcos, Texas


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What We Built

The single-story headquarters facility includes 35,000 square feet of space. 25,000 square feet is dedicated to manufacturing, an integrated testing lab, research and development area, machine shop, and a loading dock/truck ramp area. The other 10,000 square feet is for sales and management offices.

How We Built It

The company is located in one of the fastest-growing cities in the nation, and its presence on the Interstate 35 corridor makes it highly visible. The tiltwall process enabled the organization to select a more modern, upscale design for a reasonable budget and allows for future expansion.

Additionally, the integrated testing lab is built on an isolated slab to greatly reduce the transmission of vibrations. Moreover, it’s equipped with airtight double doors to eliminate changes in barometric pressure.

Project Awards

ABC Central Texas Excellence in Construction Merit Award

The Excellence in Construction© strives to honor those who exemplify the highest quality of workmanship in their projects, while upholding a dedication to building projects on time and on budget.


“Honest, professional, hard working, and easy to work with are the character traits that were exhibited at all times by all employees. They stand behind their product and are proud of the work they do.”
Lee Graham,President

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