John Gupton Stadium

Cedar Park, Texas

A Unique Stadium that Brings the Community Together on Game Day

John Gupton Stadium is a place where parents, students, teachers, and neighbors are able to gather and form a stronger community. It has helped eliminate overcrowding of other stadium facilities in the surrounding area. Additionally, it has generated revenue for the district from leasing out space to Leander ISD for football and soccer games, band camps, etc.

Square Footage



Cedar Park, Texas




Leander ISD


Pfluger Architects and Russ Bragg Landscape Architect

What We Built

John Gupton Stadium is a 11,000-seat stadium complex consisting of 13 structures with a combined area that covers 25,506 square feet. The structures include a pressbox, two field houses, two concession buildings, two ticket booths and six restrooms. The complex is located on a 43-acre site that is situated within a residential neighborhood.

The stadium field at John Gupton Stadium is recessed 15 feet below the surrounding grade, creating a “bowl” or “sunken” effect. This unique design helps reduce visual and sound impacts to the surrounding community during events.

How We Built It

Design – Stacked tiltwall panels – The desired press box height required stacked panels, minimizing individual panel weight and the capacity of the local crane supplier. Eight 17’-1 1⁄2” tall tiltwall panels were carefully detailed and stacked on top of eight 51’-5 1⁄2” tiltwall panels to form the press box towers. Using tiltwall panels for the press box towers minimized the need for other structural steel lateral bracing for both the press box and the bleacher structure.

Exterior finishes – American Constructors’ team used self-consolidating concrete to fill in the fine grooves of the form liner pattern. Using self-consolidated concrete allowed for ease of construction, minimized the need to walk on the delicate form liner and prevented damage to the pattern. In addition, using self-consolidating concrete provided a smooth, void free finish requiring little to no patch work.

Durability – All of the buildings with public access are made of a combination of concrete and CMU walls providing an almost indestructible surface. The restrooms are sealed concrete floors with floor drains so the maintenance staff can clean the buildings by flooding the floor with a hose before mopping. The fencing layout was carefully planned to eliminate blind spots so patrons and students could easily be monitored at all times by faculty and surveillance cameras. The fencing layout also reduced the number of people it takes to monitor the games.

Sustainability – Several sustainable building practices were followed during construction, including the use of regional materials, minimal waste, low maintenance durable structures, ground source heat pumps, automated controls of HVAC equipment, thermal mass tiltwall panels and day lighting.

Value-Managed Design – The design-build delivery method provided a unique opportunity for our team to select the best building systems to meet and exceed the needs of the project while remaining under budget.

  • Milled onsite rock allowing for use in structural fill areas in lieu of importing base- $150,000 savings
  • Utilized form liner on tiltwall panels deleting masonry wainscot- $175,000 savings
  • Used retaining walls and recessed field to eliminate the need of imported materials – $125,000 savings
  • Use of insulated tiltwalls reducing the size of HVAC units and need in concession stands – $100,000 savings
  • Sealed concrete floors in restrooms and concession stands in lieu of epoxy – $40,000 savings
  • Maximized elevation of field and cross isles for optimum cut/fill and drainage – $100,000 savings
  • Signage integrated into concrete in lieu of surface mounted signage – $50,000 savings
  • Site retaining walls changed from cast in place concrete to stacked stone – $60,000 savings

Project Awards

ABC Central Texas Excellence in Construction Merit Award

For the outstanding work on this project, American Constructors received the ABC Central Texas Excellence in Construction (EIC) Merit Award. The EIC strives to honor those who exemplify the highest quality of workmanship in their projects, while upholding a dedication to building projects on time and on budget.

Tilt-Up Concrete Association Excellence in Achievement Award

The Tilt-Up Achievement Awards were established to honor projects that use site-cast tilt-up concrete to introduce new building types, advance industry technology and provide unique solutions to building programs. For more than 25 years, the winning entries have illustrated the variety, beauty, and flexibility of the tilt-up construction concept.

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